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Cuyahoga County Public Library has been committed to providing access to our nationally recognized Adult Career Planning and Resource Center since 1976. This portal serves as a starting point for job-seekers of all levels, searching for services and resources.

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Flash Replacement

Featuring: Background/Credit Checks

Why do potential employers run background or credit checks on job applicants?  What are they looking for? When are they used? What are your rights?  What should you do in anticipation of these checks?  What should you look out for?
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Spotlight: Background Checks

Job Seekers

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More Resources for job seekers:

  • Workshops to find jobs
  • Workshops to improve skills
  • Free individual Career Counseling


Research which job is best for you.

Get help with your job/career search:

   • Networking 
   • Starting your own business
   • Improving your skills

   Improve your skills with:

     • Better job search techniques
     • Submitting online application
     • Better resumes / interviews


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