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Some prefer working for themselves.  Use the resources on this page as a place to start.  Small business can be more than opening a shop or office somewhere.  See our Small Business Options page for more ideas,   See our Small Business page for more tips, like using a specially designed Business Plan and Social Networking to give your business every advantage.

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Websites: Small Business Start-Up

Find information on how to start and run a business. Includes examples of different types of businesses

Read helpful articles on a variety of business topics

My Own Business
Free online business courses you can take to help you start your business.

QuintCareers for Teens
Teens can find some great ideas for teens in the workplace and for starting their own businesses

Small Business Administration
Lots of information on how to start up your small business.

The Wall Street Journal
The latest news and advice for small business


201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business, Jane Applegate,  2011  
Get tips for making your small business a success

The Everything Start Your Own Business BookNew and Updated Strategies for Running a Successful Business, Judith B. Harrington, 2012
Learn everything you need to know to run your own business

It’s Your Business: 183 Essential Tips That Will Transform Your Small Business, JJ Ramberg, 2012  
Ramberg’s work includes a collection of ideas, tips and expert insights.

Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business, Fred S. Steingold,   2011  
In-depth guide to types of businesses, licenses, taxes, franchises, leases, fund-raising, insurance, hiring, contracts, credit, more

Making Money From Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business, Donna Partow,  2010
Issues involved in running a successful home business

Reluctant Entrepreneur: Turning Dreams Into Profits, Michael Masterson, 2012  
Apprehensions and misconceptions many new entrepreneurs may have.

Small Business for Dummies, Tyson & Schell, 2012
Find the type of business you want to start, learn how to buy a business, staff it, more

The Small Business Start-Up Kit, Peri Pakroo,  2012  
All the steps needed to start your business

Small Time Operator, Bernard B. Kamoroff, 2008
Step-by-step instructions on starting and running your business.

Start It Up: The Complete Teen Business Guide to Turning Your Passions Into Pay, Kenrya Rankin,   2011
Advice for teens on opening a business

The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups From Their Founding Entrepreneurs, David S. Kidder,  2012
Get advice from over 40 successful entrepreneurs


Many library branches have business magazines available that will be helpful in finding current information about issues in owning your own business. A few examples of these magazines are:

     • Crain’s Cleveland Business
     • Entrepreneur
     • Home Business
     • Inc.
     • Inside Business
     • Smart Business Cleveland



Research which job is best for you.

Get help with your job/career search:

   • Networking 
   • Starting your own business
   • Improve your skills with:
      • Better job search techniques
      • Submitting online application
      • Better resumes / interviews